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How to Re-String your Guitar & Double it's Life

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If you're finding yourself constantly breaking strings and having to change them every time you play -- here's an awesome trick to make your strings last 3 times as long!

When you re-string your guitar, most people simply thread the string through the tuning peg and start to tighten!

This is great -- if you want to HALVE the life of your strings!

The trick is all in the threading! When you simply place your string through the tuning peg hold and tighten, you have just created the highest tension, eliminated any form of slack and doubled your chances of snapping the string when you go to break it in.

Give this a go...

The trick is not to thread the string through the tuning peg on the first thread. What you do is gently wrap the string around the tuning peg 3 or 4 times over -- THEN thread the string through the hole.

By doing this you allow more slack in your string, reduce tension and literally double the life of your strings.

It provides your guitar with a heavier grip on the string which also prevents your strings going out of tune easily.

This is how you make your strings last longer!

Pretty simple trick -- but give that a go next time you re-string your guitar and I guarantee it will last!


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